Do you need to build time? Our AeroCommander 100 is an efficient single engine trainer that will help you build time or just get off the ground. For as low as $125.00/ hr wet in 10 hour blocks you can fly the AeroCommander 100 to build your time. All it takes is a checkout with one of our CFIs and off you go. For more information or to schedule a flight, give us a call. Contact Us

Time Building

Need your multi engine rating or to build time in a mid size multi-engine high performance aircraft? Want to do it with a qualified instructor in a quality aircraft that is not a trainer? Give us a call. Our owner is a pilot, CFI and A&P/ IA so we know maintenance. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration flight or for more info.

Been a while since you have flown? Do you feel like you might not be as proficient as you once were? Fly with our CFIs and shake the rust off and be the safe pilot that you know you can be.

Aircraft Maintenance Training

You are working toward getting your A&P. We hire A&P apprentices part time to help with annual inspections and repairs to give them the training they need and real world experience. Call us at 239-896-7576 for more info.

Do You Want to Learn to Fly?

Whether you want to learn to fly a single, multi, piston or turbine, or just need some currency or transition training, our CFIs can help. Your plane or ours, let us know what you need to fly safely.

Two Best Friends

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