Tired of the TSA hassle and wasted time flying commercial? Want a better way? Did you know you could leave BNA and be in Panama City in just over 2 hours in your plane on your schedule? You can. Affordably. Our piston twins and High Performance singles offer safe, affordable reliable travel to nearby cities that will save time and headaches over commercial travel. Its easy- call or email and we can explain how to add days back to your life when you travel.

Aircraft Leasing

The SR-22 will cruise at approximately 160 knots. Imagine Nashville to Raleigh in just over 2 hours, Nashville to Roanoake in 2 hours. Nashville to the Bahamas in around 4 hours.

You own an aircraft because your time is important. We fly where we need to go and get more done because we don't waste time sitting in traffic. So why do you spend your time trying to keep you aircraft ready to fly? Make your time more productive, let us manage your aircraft. It will be ready to go when you are. And if you need a pilot, we can provide that too.

Aircraft Maintenance

You have a lot invested in your aircraft. How many times have you gotten in your plane, ready to go and the plane wasn't? Aircraft are like any other mechanical device- time damages it as much or more than operating it. You hangar it after a flight, and return the next week and it has a problem. We can help- you schedule a flight and we check the aircraft and make sure it is ready to go. It's as easy as letting us take this burden.

Do You Want to Learn to Fly?

Whether you want to learn to fly, need some currency or transition training, our CFIs can help. Your plane or ours, let us know what you need to fly safely.

Two Best Friends

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