Aviation Services of TN Inc. Full service Aviation Service Center located at the Sparta airport, KSRB. When we manage your aircraft or you lease one of ours, you can expect maximum uptime and a dependable aircraft. We emphasize preventative maintenance to avoid unexpected problems, and schedule repairs as quickly as possible to avoid delays. Trip prep includes more than just checking the fluids and adding fuel, we will actually fly the aircraft to ensure it is ready for your trip. From changing the oil and Annual inspections to engine and major component changes, avionics and even paint and finish work, we can handle it so that your aircraft is ready to fly when you are.

Aircraft Maintenance

Your aircraft or ours, our maintenance philosophy stresses avoiding problems if we can. Our preventative maintenance includes not only regular service items, but a close look at the aircraft looking for problems. We prefer to service the aircraft in our hangar rather than have to pick you up many miles away. We fix it now, here so we don't have to fix it later there when a simple repair has now become a major pain. From simple fluid changes to major repairs and even paint and finish work, we can take care of it. How can we help you?

You own or lease an aircraft because your time is important. We know that. It does you no good to show up at the airport ready to get in your aircraft only to have it not start or have a problem. Our service includes getting your aircraft ready a few days in advance so that any items that might cause a problem are addressed so that you can make your trip without undue hassle. Does your current manager do that for you? We do, every day.

Aircraft Maintenance

You have a lot invested in your aircraft. How many times have you gotten in your plane, ready to go and the plane wasn't? Aircraft are like any other mechanical device- time damages it as much or more than operating it. You hangar it after a flight, and return the next week and it has a problem. We can help- you schedule a flight and we check the aircraft and make sure it is ready to go. It's as easy as letting us take this burden.

Do You Want to Learn to Fly?

Whether you want to learn to fly, need some currency or transition training, our CFIs can help. Your plane or ours, let us help you to fly safely.

Two Best Friends

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